Eat Freshly even after the market closes!

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Dear Farmers Market Shopper,

In the fall and winter months, locally-sourced produce, meats, baked goods, and other foods can be hard to find, as farmers markets close for the season and frosty weather puts the soil to sleep. But there are still plenty of freshly-grown foods… if you know where to look! Our new “off-season” market — Freshly — will help connect you with more fresh, local food year-round!


Here’s how it works:
We’re building a really cool way to order and pay for your fresh foods online and via your mobile device, but it’s not quite ready yet — (once it is, you’ll be the first to know!) For now, view the list of goodies below, and place your order via email or phone. It’ll be ready to pick up at our Freshly meet-up from 11am – noon on Saturday, at Stone Crest Mall (basically… Starbucks, in Osage Beach!)

Our first meet-up is on Saturday, October 25. You can bring a check or cash to pay for your freshly-grown goodies, and be on your way! We’ll have a Freshly meet-up every other Saturday. The deadline to order this week is Wednesday, October 22 at midnight, so check out the selection below and place your order today!

We’re excited about this new opportunity to extend the market season. Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting local, sustainable food. Our selection will vary with what nature provides every week, so stay tuned for Freshly emails to see what the seasons bring!

Here’s to a beautiful Ozarks fall, and to eating Freshly in every season!

-Nathan Bechtold, Osage Beach Farmers Market manager
phone:  573-280-3852

Fresh Box

Try a “Fresh Box” — a box (or shopping bag) full of fresh produce, meat, baked goods, and other farm-fresh products, based on availability. Included are recipes for cooking tasty dishes with what you find inside!

This week’s Fresh Box will contain:
Turnips – 1 lb
Red beets – 1 lb
Carrots – 2 lbs
Sweet potatoes – 2 lbs
Onions – 1 lb
Indian corn – 3 ears
Winter radishes – 1 bundle (4 radishes)
Whole wheat bread – 1 loaf
Grass-fed beef roast – 2.5 lbs

TOTAL:  $40 (sales tax included)


Or order “a la carte” from the list below:

Turnips – $1.25/lb
Red beets – $1.25/lb
Carrots – $1.75/lb
Sweet potatoes – $2/lb
Onions – $1.50/lb
Indian corn – 3 ears for $2.25
Winter radishes (bundle) – 4/$2

Whole wheat bread – $4/loaf

Roast = $7.25/lb
Short Ribs = $7.25/lb
Stew Meat = $5.25/lb
Soup Bones = $2.50/lb
Oxtail = $4.00/lb
(Organ Meats)
Heart – $2/lb
Liver – $2/lb
Kidney – $2/lb
Tongue – $2/lb
Testicles – $2/lb

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